Affirm: state as a fact; assert strongly and publicly. What have you stated as fact for you and the journey you embark on?…Here are mine!

I am here
I have a purpose
I am happy with who I have become
I am okay with my inner changes
I am excited for new discoveries
I no longer accept complacency
I am beautiful
I am powerful
I am fun
I am positive
I am light
I am unapologetically me
I will help
I will heal
I will shine
I will fall…and get right back up
I am cosmic
I am a vibe
I am warmth
And in the words of Lizzo…I am 100% that bitch!

Remember your ABC’s

Always be okay with your uniqueness
Be mindful of the energy you allow in your space of being
Celebrate everything
Determine your greatness
Embody the person you desire to be
Growth is a process…own it
Have hope that things will be okay and work out
Ignite that fire to your desires…whatever that may be
Jam to your own beat…cuz girl you got it!
Know that you are evolving into a more magical being…you are forever changing
Love yourself…Learn things about yourself…Leave the negative things behind you
Move to your own groove
Never give up on yourself
Open yourself to the possibilities of a greater you. Optimize the process
Prepare for such a journey of healing. Practice patience, priority, and persistence
Quality of your goals are important
Recognize that you are magical, powerful, able, and beautiful
Stimulation from the things that bring you happiness, satisfaction, and peace of mind is a must
Time is your friend. Don’t waste it
Utilize those support people to help you maintain your mental and emotional wellbeing
Value the process and understand that vulnerability is something to acknowledge
Worry less…Winning is an option
Xpect that good things are going to happen
You are the only one that is in charge of where you go and how you move…no one else
Zealously pursue those entities that define who you are

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