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Work on the light from within, until it illuminates through you on the outside.


Welcome to Inner Nuru, your Atlanta based holistic birth doula.

As a Holistic Birth Doula, I offer the skills to heal as well as nurture the light of wellness from a balanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual point of view for the body, mind, and spirit of women throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.


My holistic well-rounded form of care for women is designed to support your optimal health with a mind, body, spirit approach through mental, emotional, and sexual healing.


My Doula services provide care/comfort, guidance, and mental, emotional, physical, and informational support for you throughout your pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and postpartum.


By sharing my thoughts and experiences around key holistic ingredients fundamental in your path to wellness, my goal is to educate, inspire and motivate others women through real-life experiences.

Our Process

We start with Providing you with the knowledge, tools and resources to have an empowering birth experience.

We offer personalized labor and postpartum doula support and care, placenta encapsulation, postpartum mom groups and monthly group prenatal meet ups for clients.


Initial Consultation

We'll schedule time together either in person or virtual to discuss your birthing plans and expectations.


Treatment Plan

We'll develop a proper plan for your birth and postpartum experience for a successful transition into parenthood.


Virtual Sessions

We'll keep in touch to address common issues such as pain or discomfort during your pregnancy or any trauma.


Ongoing Support

We are here for your 24/7. We offer continued support for families who during the early stages of parenthood.

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