Closing of the bones

A Sacred Postnatal Ritual For The Mother

The Closing of the Bones Ceremony is a traditional postpartum ritual practiced in various cultures around the world, including Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. It is typically performed to honor and support mothers during the postpartum period, providing them with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

During the ceremony, the mother is wrapped in a shawl or cloth and gently rocked or swayed while various herbal oils, balms, or poultices may be applied to her body. The ceremony may also involve prayers, blessings, and sacred rituals performed by a trained practitioner such as a Doula or Midwife.

The primary purpose of the Closing of the Bones Ceremony is to help mothers recover and restore their bodies after childbirth, both physically and energetically. It is believed to help close the pelvis and abdomen, realign the spine, release tension, and promote healing from childbirth-related trauma or discomfort.

In addition to the physical benefits, the ceremony also serves as a form of emotional and spiritual support for the mother, providing her with a nurturing and sacred space to process her birth experience, connect with her baby, and receive blessings for her journey into motherhood.

Overall, the Closing of the Bones Ceremony is a deeply meaningful and symbolic ritual that honors the transition into motherhood and offers mothers the support, healing, and empowerment they need during the postpartum period.

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