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What I Do

As a Doula, I see birth beyond medical terms or social responsibility. Pregnancy and Childbirth is an experience and beautifully powerful journey that a woman embarks on organically. With Black women having a higher mortality rate due to childbirth and higher rates of suffering from Childhood Sexual Abuse trauma, my Doula services provide care/comfort, guidance, and mental, emotional, physical, and informational support for you throughout your pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and postpartum.

Services Include:

Prenatal sessions with Halle

  • Education Sessions
    • Planning for labor, birth, and postpartum
      • Discuss birth plan, interventions, and mom’s needs
      • 1 to 2 hour session with mother, partner, or support
  • Discussion of challenges (mental, emotional, and physical)

Throughout Pregnancy

  • Ongoing support throughout pregnancy, during labor and birth
    •  24/7 on call at 38 weeks via text, email, or phone
  • Optional Prenatal visits with OB or Midwife

After birth

  • Based on the mom’s needs, I will stay 1 or 2 hours after the birth of the baby
  • Optional Postpartum Visits (1 to 2 visits)
    • Discuss birth experience
    • Breastfeeding and baby care tips
    • Referrals to community resources

Other Doula Services

Birth Only Service

Birth Planning Service

Breastfeeding Service