My family and I had the most wonderful opportunity to have Ms. Halle Carey (InnerNuru,LLC) as our Doula. She assisted spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally, in the most perfect way with bringing our second baby boy Earth side. Our prenatal visits were so personable and informative she assisted me so much with preparing my body and mind for labor. My experience with birthing my second child was a total 360, having Halle there to assist me made all the difference! She was patient, understanding, committed to not only my process but the care of my partner making sure he ate and was rested, she understood that he needed his strength as well. Halle assisted me with honoring my natural birth plan, all while educating me and informing me of all of my options. My entire immediate family now know’s Ms. Halle and treats her as their own, both of my babies adore her. I recommend her to anyone seeking Doula services, her energy and level of care during all stages of my pregnancy is unmatched! My family and I thank you Halle and hope to have you assist with all of our future pregnancies!
Antrice, Jaraad, and Baby Kairo
Having a doula was one of the best choices I can say I’ve made with being pregnant. Halle was my doula for both of my baby girls. I was 21 when I had my first daughter. Halle became my doula mid pregnancy. She attended appointments, did house visits and many late night phone calls. Rose was almost born early so I called her and she got to the hospital quickly. I was put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. Halle had her speculations that I had pre eclampsia. And my doctor denied it. I was on Procardia to help stop the contractions and bed rest. After two weeks of being on them I told I could stop taking them. After a warm bath one evening contractions started coming 5 minutes apart and I was in labor. An ambulance came and picked me up and rushed me to Northside hospital, Halle was coming in the same time as the ambulance. She brought the ball for me to bounce on which helped until the nurse said I couldn’t use it anymore nor be on all fours. She monitored every step of way until Rose was here. Having her throughout my pregnancy was one of the biggest blessing I could’ve ever had. So when I found out I was pregnant the second time I immediately called Halle and asked her was she ready for round two. Again through this pregnancy she was there for everything, some appointments she had to be there virtually due to Covid restrictions but she was there. My second birth was a lot more smooth than the second. Halle held my hand and told me corny jokes. She literally was a life saver during this second pregnancy because at the end of this pregnancy I was not mentally okay due to some problems in my marriage. She definitely was my backbone and helped a lot mentally and emotionally. Having a doula is the best thing I can recommend for any pregnancy woman especially an African American woman. We need someone to advocate for us. At times we as pregnant woman are not heard, we’re always told it’s normal. There’s nothing to worry about and we don’t get the help we need until it’s too late. Doula’s are our voice and support.
Novah, Rose & Lilly
I had the pleasure of being a client of Halle Carey as my Postpartum Doula for my pregnancy period of December 2020-August 2021. We worked very well together throughout our experience. She was very informative and flexible as we worked together to cultivate the birthing experience I wanted as well as how I wanted my postpartum care to go. She was very accommodating and emotionally empowering with her actions and words. Even at times I felt overwhelmed, she was able to help me get grounded and stay present. She worked with me on my wishes for meal prepping, a birthing playlist, and reading materials about birth and postpartum. She also partnered with my Midwife seamlessly when I needed extra assistance with the baby and my oldest daughter after needing a blood transfusion two days after my baby’s birth. She consistently checked in on how I was feeling and what I needed in that moment. Right before delivery, she helped me with different activities to get my labor started. Once my baby arrived, she was very hands on supportive as I adjusted to the postpartum period. I would definitely hands down choose her again if I ever choose to have another baby. She is a true gem and would be a magnificent addition to the birthing community.
Candace & Bailey
Having Halle as a Doula is so comforting! She was there every step of the way. We all know pregnancy could be a very stressful process sometimes, but with her positivity and hugs (especially), I felt secure and happy with my pregnancy journey. She had all the resources that I needed such as mental health support, food support, baby needs support; you name it, she got it! She also taught me how to be an advocate for myself for when I got to the hospital to give birth. She educated me enough to where I knew what I want and was comfortable enough to tell the doctors/nurses. Halle is a great Doula! And if I was to give birth again, she’d be on my speed dial list.
Destiny & Kamron

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