What is sexual liberation? What does it mean to have a level of freedom that allows you the comfort to express and explore the desires and pleasures you crave both personally and socially?

With sexual liberation comes truth, honesty, and confidence. To seek sexual liberation is to be comfortable with who you are and being grounded in your expression of you. You have to accept and be okay with that acceptance of the person you have come to be and understand that throughout time, things change. One of my favorite aspects of sexual liberation past acceptance is exploration. Explore what sparks sexual curiosity in you..and be unapologetic about it! There are so many aspects of sex that can be explored, identified, enjoyed, expressed…the list go on. On top of that, there are so many communities of people who enjoy the journey of their own sexual liberation experience.

This is a get to know yourself moment. This is a time to fully tap into your sexual energy and allow yourself the openness to discover things about yourself. There is also healing to this level of understanding of yourself:

  1. You get to a overstanding of who you are sexually. Opening new elements of yourself.
  2. You have the confidence and comfortability in your expression of your sexuality.
  3. You become able to express your needs and what you do not like.
  4. You have opportunities to meet people who enjoy the same things you enjoy.

Like anything, sexual liberation can take time, patience, consistency, and openness. So, take your time, be honest with yourself, and enjoy the process.

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