This Journey Is Emotional

To accept going on an emotional healing journey is for starters a beautiful and powerful decision. It definitely is not easy and sometimes people start and stop this process. I know for me, it is something that has been challenging because as we all know, emotions is in EVERYTHING we do! For me being passionate about people and their well being, emotion is a strong part of me. I am able to tap into people emotionally and understand what they are feeling. It’s always been in me. It can be hard though, but I’m working on it myself. This message is for me too!

What do you do when you are around people, places, or situations that cause you emotional pain or stress? How do you embark on such a healing journey when what or who is surrounding you is trying to prevent that from happening? My response to that would be what do you want? What feelings do you want to have? Understanding that is key.There are going to be people, places, and situations around you that are going to have input,thoughts, and comments on what you are doing…ALWAYS! It is up to YOU to acknowledge what you want and how you want it *cue 2Pac* without anyone else’s opinion. This is YOUR journey.

In Psychology and Social Work, there is this theory called Cognitive Behavioral Theory (my personal favorite). Cognitive Behavioral Theory focuses on how your thoughts affect your emotions and how your emotions affect your actions. Of course throughout the process of therapy/counseling, there is a deeper dive into the motivations behind your thought process and its effects, but that’s for a different day. What I want to focus on is, one of the first steps, acknowledgment. Acknowledge that you are feeling and be honest about it. You might be feeling sad, frustrated, angry, overwhelmed, anxious, scared,etc., but see that for what it is. Don’t try to sugarcoat what you are feeling. Once you acknowledge that what you are feeling is not what you want, that’s when the healing journey begins.

So, to embark on such a journey there are key things to consider:

  1. People are ALWAYS going to have something to say. BUT this journey is not for them, it’s for you and only you! Understand that! Self-preserve(not selfish)!
  2. This is not going to be easy and sunshine and flowers. It’s going to take you being honest, authentic, and vulnerable. It’s going to take being comfortable in the discomfort.
  3. Recognize the small things. The small changes. There may not be fireworks and giant signs, and that’s okay. It’s the little things that matter as well.
  4. There may be moments where you may not want to continue this healing process. That’s okay, but if what you strive for is different from what you are currently feeling, consistency is important. Make it a deal to go back and start again or from where you stopped.
  5. Changes are going to happen, some expected and some unexpected. Embrace it!
    If you need help going on this healing path, reach out! Find those supportive spaces and people that are going to help you stay in your flow. Find those avenues that contribute to this journey.

I suggest writing about it. Putting pen to paper. At the end of the day, what will come out of it, is new, fresh, authentic and honest, and more fulfilling. YOU GOT THIS! Congratulations on such a decision! I’m rooting for you!

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