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Hey Queens and my viewing/supportive Kings!

Welcome to! A space that provides insight, thoughts, and information for those seeking motivation to heal mentally, emotionally, and sexually. With healing of any kind takes many avenues of time. Mentally understanding that healing of some sort needs to happen, let alone accepting to partake on such a journey! Emotionally, feeling eager enough to be okay with the emotional effect the journey will have on you. When we think of sexual healing, besides hearing Marvin Gaye, we automatically think of the physicality of that level of healing. Sexual healing is also a mental, emotional, and even spiritual journey! That type of journey can be complex to go through within itself, but it is necessary to consider when searching and discovering that wholeness we all strive for. With special love to my mothers to be, this space is also for you. Even though physically you are going through a process of changes and discoveries, mentally, emotionally, and sexually changes are happening as well.

With Nuru being Swahili for illumination or light, I wanted to create a space where those interested in reigniting the light inside themselves can be accessible, enjoyable, and authentic. We will talk about vulnerability, expression of our honest self, sex, growth, and most importantly…healing from our single sisters to our mommies to be. As you explore, allow your mind to expand and wander and allow your mental, emotional, and sexual being to just…BE. I speak that this space will be a space that can provide those exploring, satisfaction, love, empowerment, and confidence. It’s time to discover that inner light…that Inner Nuru!

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